RSS Feed for Africa Charity Project Free Educational Program


One way to be updated when changes are made to this Educational Program (EP) is to subscribe to our update mailing list, while another is by an RSS feed. I am only just learning this and not sure if you are automatically informed about changes to already existing pages, but if you learn anything let me know so that I can post your advice here.


The RSS Feed is:

and you would copy this link into your RSS Reader (refer below). Whenever a change is made to these pages your reader will inform you, so that you do not have to scan the entire document to look for changes yourself. If you figure out how to be informed of exact changes to existing pages, please let me know.


Some free readers:

Free Feedreader (Windows):

Apparently better and more popular:

List of readers:

For a possibly good online reader, try

RSS feeds are displayed by Internet Explorer 7+ and Firefox 2+.


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