Africa Charity Free Educational Program


Last updated Jan. 28, 2011.

The purpose of these pages is to offer an information package whereby Africans can teach themselves all the tools they need to earn a living through the internet (concept explained in greater detail through the Africa Charity Project site). As the pages are updated you can be notified of new changes either by subscribing to our Update Notification Newsletter, or by RSS Feed. You can download all these pages from here so that you can read them offline or freely distribute them to others.


Below is a brief starting point / table of contents. I am currently developing the entire Educational Program (EP) so please feel free to ask me for further information and explanations, to help me improve the program.



Table of Contents

Computer Tips how to speed up your computer and all sorts of nifty tricks


          Home-made solar panels

          Setting up solar panels with battery and regulator

Job Skills

          PHP, programming, online and offline databases


Downloads (entire Education Program, third party reading, software, language training videos)

How to find internet based customers

Permaculture - the scientific concept how to design your garden to create a self-maintaining ecosystem with high crop yield and minimum work. Permaculture: a permanent culture.