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Africa charity project - organiserAs was explained on the previous page and as you can see from the links above, I own a successful translation business and like to dedicate as much of my profits to charity as I can, so I can assure you that 100% of all funds contributed to this project will go to the villages and none to its management, or hopefully even fuel costs. To prove my character you might like to check out my Christ pages, or what my translators say about me.

I have already set up a separate bank account for this purpose and my plan is to post all donations on this webpage as well as where all the money went, to show full accounting transparency. I started this project in September of 2009 and no donations have been made yet, but for now I am mostly focusing on organization and getting this concept off the ground.

As explained on the Africa charity project progress page I hope to be fully organized by the end of 2010, at which point I would like to drive down from Europe with a truck full of solar panels, laptops and other necessary equipment. If you'd like to donate a laptop or other equipment we can try to work out something.

Africa charity project smiling computersIf you'd like to make a contribution please go to the KENAX Payment page and inform me by email of your intention for the contribution. Eventually I will transfer the funds to my Bank of America savings account and post the contribution on this page.

If you would like an invoice so that you could write off your contribution we can arrange that as well. I would like to register as a non-profit charity but have to figure out how to go about that. Until then I can issue you a regular business invoice for any of the services I offer (such as translations, website design, graphics, programming and database setup).

If you are not able to provide any financial contribution or laptops, you can help me with networking or other work. Any help would be appreciated!

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