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Many good people, both in and out of Africa, have provided valuable suggestions and insight for this project. This correspondence has helped us carve our path, but the suggestions, insight and experiences of the contributors often makes rather interesting reading! Because there is so much correspondence this page shows our approach letters, while the responses can be found through the indented links below the Correspondence of Africa Charity Project link above.



 Approach to Organisations

Hi, I've recently started a charity project and was wondering if you could give me some input or advice. While in Africa I'd also be interested in starting a tree planting scheme in exchange for credits. I love trees and planted 600,000 of them in Canada ( I would appreciate any input or advice you might have.

Details of my Africa project follow.



After three years on the road, surviving through internet on my mobile phone, internet café, wifi from marinas and so on, and solar panels on my roof, I started to think that this could be a feasible concept for Africa. I like to call it "One Laptop Per Village", similar to the One Laptop Per Child concept. Except that this one laptop per village would come equipped with a solar panel and I would help the village find work through the internet (like I've been doing for myself for the past 10/15 years) so that it could buy a second laptop and balloon it from there. I figure Africa will be hit with an internet revolution over the next 5 to 10 years, many organizations are working on spreading internet from the top down, and I'd like to help from the bottom up. Full details at:

It should also be a good means to help Africans ward off the upcoming devastating effects of global warning.

I started moving forward and approached all my African translators. Got some feedback and, although sounds pretty darn scary, have been assured that its safe and I'm starting to think about driving down to Kenya, even through Sudan and Ethiopia. Got people down there and we're starting to communicate. Was thinking of stuffing my truck with laptops and solar panels, and while driving down there, set up a village base in Syria, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Kenya. One in each country and see how it goes.

Now my focus is turning to Europe and wondering how I could get some sponsors for the solar panels and laptops. Not a great investment but it would give me a base in each of those countries and an interesting place to start. Any ideas where I could find some sponsors? Maybe EU money? Will certainly be an adventerous drive! My plan is to pan out my stay in Bulgaria for a year, since I've signed up for a contract for mobile internet here, during which time I hope to start making good money and save up some. So we have some time. Leave here once it starts getting cold again, but this time drive through Turkey along the northern shore. Getting excited thinkin about it!

If you have any input how I could get some sponsors for this concept it would be muchly appreciated. As my website explains, I figure about a thousand Euro should be enough to kickstart a dirt poor village into the internet revolution.



I'm also helping one engineer who has about ten ideas how to respond to global warming (, such as using floating islands and a system of pipes to pump cold water from the deep at key points of the world's ocean currents ( for a quick fix to regulate the world's overall temperatures. Big projects I know, but he used to provide consulting for such large projects (before he sold his company to go into retirement) to governments and other large organizations. If you have any suggestions how to get his ideas out there that would also be muchly appreciated.



 Approach to Our African Translators 

I am writing to you because I own the translation agency, I like to dedicate as much of my resources to charity ( as I can, and I have recently started an African charity project (


As a quick background, I believe the best help for Africa is not to throw money at it, as this can cause more harm than good (, but to help Africans feed themselves and become self sufficient. My idea, as explained in detail on my website, is to supply villages with solar panels and a laptop and teach them how to join the global internet community to find work. I believe Africa will experience an internet revolution over the next 5 to 10 years and I would like to speed up their benefit from that revolution, especially considering that the continent might be particularly negatively affected by the upcoming global warming crisis.


If you help me with your suggestions I can link out to your translation services webpage to help you find more work for yourself as well.


Following are some questions I'd like to ask you and I would be happy to hear any suggestions you might have:

  • do you think this is a feasible idea?

  • I am prepared to go down there myself and help this get off the ground. Do you think it will be safe for me in my Mercedes diesel truck?

  • do you think there is a danger that the villages might instead sell the solar panels and equipment I give them in order to feed their families?

  • do you recommend any villages or areas of Africa where I should start?

  • Do you have any contacts there with which I can email in advance to help set this up?

  • can you suggest any aid organization which could help me network?

  • do you have any suggestions how I could promote my concept to the west, for support?

Thank you and looking forward to any comments or suggestion you might




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