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The Youth Training Organization (YTO) depends on its members, as with their support and engagement we can continue to shape the future by empowering our youngsters. Our members play an important part in the development, structure and decision-making of the organization and we are forever thankful for them.

As a member of YTO you have the opportunity to join all of the organization’s activities whenever you so desire. Members also retain the right to be heard and have the right to receive and have access to all information of the implementation progress, and income and expenditures of the organization. Active members are entitled to vote and contest to be elected to positions in the organization and have the right to warn and challenge leaders when they appear to have broken regulations or when they fail to fulfill the responsibilities of the organization.

Anyone above 18 years can apply to be a member as long as you understand the youngsters and are inspired by our vision, mission and goals. All applications will be reviewed at the end of each year during our Annual General Meeting, when feedback will be provided soon after.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Youth Training Organization, please send us an inquiry to [email protected] so that we can tell you more!


YTO ambassadors are youth well involved in our community and events. They branch out at schools, clubs, churches/mosques, but also in the streets. Their large range of involvement within the young community makes them into powerful members of the YTO community.

As an ambassador, we expect you to join YTO programs, events and campaigns, disseminate the word and connect YTO with different kinds of potential partners. Our ambassadors get support and access to YTO staff expertise and first access to YTO opportunities. You will get access to additional volunteer opportunities with YTO or other organizations and the opportunity to practice your leadership skills while growing your personal network and YTO’s ecosystem.

Anyone can be an ambassador as long as you understand the youths and you are inspired by our vision, mission and goals. The most important is that you are touched by the challenges that the youths of Tanzania are up against, for which reason you can join our worldwide network for the same cause.

Interested in becoming a part of the YTO family?

Please contact as at [email protected] so that we will tell you more!


Volunteering is at the heart of YTO’s mission, and one of our core values. Without volunteers, the work we do would not be possible, for which reason YTO recognizes and thanks all its volunteers, past and present, for their invaluable contributions.

We welcome you to an organization where you are helping to change the lives of youth moving forward, for all of Tanzanian society. When we start with educating and giving youth a better chance, we are also impacting the future for everyone. You can be a part of this. We value volunteers in our organization and we need your assistance and expertise to be able to achieve our mission. You will be joining a transparent and including organization where you obtain valued experience and grow in your profession, while contributing to a real difference. Here you will be changing lives for a brighter future, our youth and your own.

Interested in partnering with YTO as a volunteer? Please reach out to us at [email protected]

We’d love to hear from you!