The goal of this project is to engage the youth and all people to provide ecologically clean vegetables and fruits to their communities while raising a reasonable income for themselves during the off season. In order to reach this goal we have created an off season vegetable farm as a way to demonstrate and encourage other youth to get involved in off season vegetable growing.

Due to the lack of opportunities in rural areas, we have encouraged the youth to migrate to urban centers. However, because most countries like Tanzania have not yet initiated their transition to industrialization, urban centers cannot create a substantial number of jobs. Therefore, in the short term, only rural activities like farming can effectively create occupation for most new job seekers.

This projects has resulted in the following:

  • provided support and the district with off seasons vegetables
  • created jobs for youngsters
  • raised income for the youth
  • more youth getting have become involved in off season vegetable growing
  • vegetables in the food baskets of local communities have increased

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