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Okay, I’ll try to incorporate the below keywords as well. Anything that comes to your mind you can send my way. I can then put it through my special SEO program which tells me how many searches a month people make in them, and then focus on those that people search the most, including the other ones in the same page, to generate the maximum traffic. On that note I’ll create a webforum as well, for my Africa charity page, creating a category for Canadians, so I’d say within a month from doing that I should be at the top of google and see if people actually start using it. I’m trying to move more towards administering my site and less producing content. Too time consuming, although fun and educational once in a while.

But like I said, the most interesting for me will be the prospect of networking with like-minded charitable Canadians down there. Could lead to some interesting progress. k

2010/1/3 Keta

yes exactly, but start it well in advance of going because it will take a while to build. I have the name:

Canadian Connection : Africa


Canadians Connect : Africa

or something like that. then you leave room to add more regions because I KNOW that in the first week you will get an email, “I am in East Yemin, there’s no Canadians here, help me too!!”

the most important thing is to make it a nexus between Canadians here and those abroad, to really open it up and to really give people a reason to use it.


Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 21:25:18 +0200

Subject: Re: Canadians in Africa

perhaps the best thing that could come out of it is networking and contacts for what I want to accomplish. And just to support each other and hang out. Thanks for the cool tip.

2010/1/2 Keta

Yeah “Canadians in Africa” is good, just call it what it is. You can always put a funky subtitle later.

Re: searching, pretty sure you’re gonna have to go country by country, the continent is such a mess. Don’t forget certain parts are French speaking!

This is exciting, if you start on Facebook and, I strongly suggest Flickr, you could get a really good idea of the community.

Think “Canadians Starved for Other Canadians” you could include their friends & family here, let everyone interact. This could be huge.


Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 20:26:48 +0200

Subject: Re: Canadians in Africa

hm, interesting. I just did a search on google for “Canadians in Africa” and there’s not much there. I’m sure I could make a Facebook group and a single webpage on my Africa charity domain and I’d be near the top in no time. You think that would be good keywords? Can’t imagine “missing the north” would be search very often.

On Sat, Jan 2, 2010 at 8:13 PM, Keta wrote:

I’m listening to the Vinyl Cafe (you remember, the radio show on CBC, you said he sounded like a Pastor), they’re doing “letters home” – Canadians working and living abroad. I am AMAZED how many are in Africa!

I thought they would be mostly in Europe or Asia, you know, where the money is, or in English speaking places like Australia or NZ. But they are all over Africa: teachers, technicians, professionals, etc. Young people, people with their families.

Maybe you could organize some kind of social network in prep of going there? Some of them have been there for a while, but they’re all over the continent. They must have computers & at least some internet because they get CBC.

They are all starved for anything Canadian! Maybe you could set up a wee website for them to interact? Make a group on Facebook, link to yourself, make a group on Flickr so they could share photos, put a messge board so they can chat? Then over time you could learn more and you could gather names for when you actually go there.

Think “Canadians Missing the North” if you do it I will help you with content and gathering members. Remember, I have TONS of experience with internet communities of various kinds and play that game very well.


Hello Angela,

at the moment I hope to make it to Africa by the end of this year. Depends on how much money I earn over the year and if I can save up the gas cash etc. Crossing my fingers.

My concept is explained in detail through

Basically I taught myself everything I know on the computer and earn a living through it, through solar panels, so I thought this could work in African villages.

So, what concerns paperwork on the Uganda end, I guess concerning any regulation about importing solar panels and used or new laptops. I expect any country I do this for will not charge me any taxes at the border.

Getting registered in the US as a charity would be good to receive donations.

We can link to each other’s websites and I’ll do it to yours the next time I work on them.

Another thing which you might be able to help me with is translating my computer instructions. Or find someone for that. In which case I could begin to write down all my thoughts. Eventually I’d like all my ideas with translations to be as templates for the laptops I give out. There would be courses to teach oneself English, and my instructions in English and various African languages. I would be the administrator of the laptops so that no users could install games and waste all my efforts.

These are my preliminary ideas.

Enjoying your feedback,


On Sun, Jan 3, 2010 at 12:33 AM, Angela

Hi Karel,

Thank you for the response concerning my e-mail sent to you. It is OK to link our website to yours.I do have ideas about paper work required. If you need help with that i can help. I am originally from Uganda but my husband is from the United States, so i live here. I do have people on the ground running the Orphanage and also in case of your paper work i do have people in offices who can help.

Teaching is English and Computer Skills will be very beneficial to the children. Do you have an idea of when you intend to go to Africa? Also i have a friend whom i think you may be very interested in communicating with. Her Name is Meadie Burton and she lived in Uganda working at the orphanage for the last 4 years. She is also arranging to take people to Uganda on a mission trip. Her e-mail is

Our charity is registered in Uganda as Non Governmental Organization plus you can go ahead and send me your proposal see if i can translate for you. If not i will send it over to Uganda to someone else to do it on my behalf.


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