Volunteer Concerned for People in Villages

Bright idea Kenax . Africa lags behind in ICT . We have been rebuilding the Villages through Village Life Safaris Charity[ Volunteer] wing . Visit their Caharity [volunteer page] at www.villagelifesafari.com or write directly to villagelifesafaris.com for direction .


Hello Edgar,

thank you for your email and looking forward to accomplishing something with you. My website should explain everything and my intentions, but I can rewrite the same concept into a Word document for translation to local governments, but I need to understand what is required or how I should go about it, so that I do not end up rewriting the same document a hundred times. Perhaps you could help me understand what is required.

For example, I can begin to write the instructions I plan to write for the computers, which the Africans would read to teach themselves all the computer skills I taught myself, and for which I hope to find volunteers who could translate into various African languages. In this way I could start to help Africans even before I get down there or before I start giving away laptops and solar panels. Do you think I should move forward with that?

What concerns proving that I do not intend to sell the panels and that this all is not some fancy means to avoid paying taxes, I really do not know how I could prove something like that. Any suggestions?


On Tue, Jan 5, 2010 at 6:34 AM, Turuka wrote:

Dear Karel,

thanks so much for the reply and the direction you are showing me.

To do the below list of things, I would need to know from you the activities involved (kind of what is required to be done). This can be in terms of a document or proposal whereby I can read, understand and get to talk to the ministry concerned or any other people concerned. Things like tax exemption will need to know what we are going to do for whom and how. This document should show that whatever we are going to help the villages(villagers) it is not for profit-making.

So far I have only the document which i copied from kenax website which tells what can be done to make our people get fast knowledge on the technology no matter the problem of power/electricity we are facing and that the solar power can do miracles.

Thanks in advance. I will start immediately to followup and give you the reply to what is required and who are the concerned people when it comes to that mission to be accomplished.


Sorry for the delay in getting back with you.  We don’t get too involved with trees and forest-based carbon projects.  Your best bet is to talk with a company that develops these types of projects.  I don’t have any specific suggestions other than a concerted web search should uncover the ones you are looking for.  Try including VCS, CCBA, CAR, or Plan Vivo as a search term, as these are some of the recognized standards a forestry project would follow.  Good luck.


thank you for your feedback. Just curious, do you occasionally get work from Czech, Slovak or French to English? I myself have been translating for the past 15 years.

Thank you,



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