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Dear Karel, Thank you for your email. Your project certainly sounds very interesting and I think it is a novel way to assist people to further their careers. I run a very small agency and use only professional, qualified and experienced translators to ensure a high level of accuracy, given our client base. As a result, I am unable to consider any applicants who are not in possession of at least a degree, a translation qualification and several years’ experience. I receive a minimum of 5 applications per month and currently have a sufficient number of translators to cover our workload. Your project can definitely be successful provided to have good quality controls in place (external proofreaders etc.). I wish you all of the best, Lindy


Hello Angela,

would you be able to get me registered in Uganda? It would be nice to get everything set up properly so that I can just drive through the border without problems and start my work immediately once I get down to Africa. Will need the same for Kenya and am presently working on that.

Below I have copied the information package if you would like to help me find African translators.

If you are not able to help me register in the US, I have many friends there and will try through them. Is important if I will start to find sponsors from the continent.

If you would like to start translating something I would suggest this page:

It is one of the ways people can earn money through the internet. I am slowly compiling a page which will explain all my computer knowledge and how Africans can learn all the skills they need to support themselves through the internet like I do. This page above will be one of them. If you or someone will start translating this it will motivate me to compile the complete package. There is much to write but I have already put much up on the internet. My plan is to supply each of the laptops with all this information, with its translation into many languages, so Africans can learn all of it without requiring the internet. Once they have taught themselves and are confident they can begin, then I can help them find work. But the instructions I will write down will also include tips and sources how to find work. I am really excited that we are moving forward with this.

I will link to your site the next time I update my pages.

Thank you,


Hi Karel, It seems like you are trying to do a great job or project. In order for you to bring solar panels in Uganda, you will need to be a registered organization in Uganda or you have to affiliate your organization with a registered organization on the ground. Also such an organization should be tax exempt by the Uganda government. That way you won’t pay any taxes for any items you bring in the country. I think laptops are free to be brought in the country as of now. I think the best way for you is if you could register your organization in Uganda, that will help you alot since the project you want to start there is really big. It can be abit complicated since its a foreign organization but it can be done. Registering as Non Profit for the US is a great idea but my question is how would you wanna go about it? I am interested, if you can. I am going to link your website to ours and it’s OK to go ahead do the same with ours. With translations to Luganda , i can help or get you someone. Go ahead and write all your thoughts that you want to be translated i will do do it for you if not i will get someone to do it. Well have to go grab some lunch, have a good one. Angela


Hi Angela,

that is absolutely lovely of you. Okay, I will focus on these PHP pages and use it as a sort of starting point, adding information to it such as where to find programming work through the internet, where one can download free software and everything associated with this type of job. I will then put your translation onto the web so that Ugandan’s can easily find it. I will create a package that can be downloadable so that they can study everything offline. I am excited to be doing this and that I can help even before getting to Africa. Depending on your translation capacity we can then proceed to the other types of jobs through the internet.

I will answer your other points below.

I am gonna start the translations next week. I am off work for 3 days and that will give me time to concentrate and work on the translation. I am willing to help and work with you. I am going to contact my sister in Uganda, to find out the requirements for registering as Non-Governmental Organization. But according to my knowledge you are gonna need the following documentations

Okay, how about we wait until I have all the details, so that I can prepare everything necessary at once, instead of answering different emails and then information starts to get jumbled and more difficult to manage?

Thank you,


> 1.Organization Name :I has to be reserved and registered by the registrar of
> names/documents so no one else uses it.
> 2. Work Plan
> 3.Organizational Chart or Organization comittee offices that you intend to
> have.
> 4.By-laws/constitution
> 5.Recommendation letter from a local leader,where the organization is going
> to operate from.


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