Here is my story on how i begun charity work ,Join me today

Albert kahai is the Founder and director of Hurumia Watoto /Sisi Tunajali charity ( graduate BA of arts with Education)BAED at St.Augustine university of Tanzania.
Mr. A. kahai has fought for humanitarian activities including supporting widows and children around Ilemela and Nyamagana district in Mwanza Tanzania, for nearly 4years, assisting widows feed care and educate their children in Ilemela and Nyamagana district in Mwanza.Tanzania since 19 age. He has, along with other therapist, always bringing his creativity and passion in fighting poverty.
Hurumia Watoto was formally launched in July 2007,at an event Ilemela district in Mwanza city, where Mr. A. Kahai articulated its purpose of bringing widows, children, girls and youth together in the common cause of raising awareness of poverty eradication , utilizing the Universal Declaration of Millennium Goals. He also pointed out the Youth’s power and responsibility to make a difference in poverty eradication arena, saying, “Youth have the ability to change viewpoints on a large scale and in a relatively short period of time. Never has that been more needed than today.”

For years I wanted to do a charity on my own and do something that I knew would be beneficial for others. I could not make up my mind. Should I do something within my community, or should I do something for women? What is my real Love? All my life my Father and Mother stressed education. My brother and I were not allowed to do any thing apart from studies.. When I was 18 I begun my charity hurumia watoto organization and spent my time to look for support for AIDS women/widows and children while studying, now am 25 years old with a Bachelor degree of education from St.Augustine university of Tanzania.,I need more support to continue helping many disadvantages women/widows and children here is brief of my charity work:   .Always i believe in helping other especially the needy ,my charity hurumia watoto was established in 2006 and am the founder of it since I was 19 years old, I managed to run widows, women and children project around Nyamagana district and ilemela in Mwanza now we are about to expand our activities in new region(among poor region in Tanzania which is Simiyu region where I work as teacher) hope to get more support from around the world so as we help and raise awareness to this new region. Please join to support my campaign

Assisting widows and children is the responsibility of everyone, those who have been benefiting from the richest of this continent ,other friends and we Africans who live here now, share our problems and help so that we won’t continue hearing Horrible stories of different communities, be the first to help today.

With your support, Hurumia Watoto can further its mission for the advancement of education.also raising awareness for the sukuma land (where I live now) on killings of elders in their community this conflict is caused by witchcraft beliefs. Later I will come up with a real story on killing of elders in sukuma land in Tanzania, where awareness is needed.

Albert kahai- Founder and Director

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