Computer (ICT) class project

Approximately one billion youth live in the world today. This means that approximately one person in five is between the age of 15 and 24 years, or 18% of the world’s populations are “youth”, and children (5-14 years) comprise of 19.8%.

By 2025, the number of youth living in developing countries will grow to 89.5%. Including Tanzania. Therefore, it is necessary to take youth issues into considerations in the development agenda and policies of each country also on how to fight against poverty

Young people are best promoters of ICTs and are key contributors to building an inclusive Information Society. Therefore, this should be taken into account in all actions and projects targeting the use and access of ICTs, not only as a way to open up ICTs opportunities for children and young people but also as a way to accelerate bridging the Digital Divide and to contribute to the development of the communities in  Tanzania.

Hurumia Watoto has made young people a high priority in its projects and ongoing activities for many years in widows and children,this time we have succeeded to begin a computer class(has six computers for now which we have) As creative users of ICTs, young people are often key contributors to building an inclusive Information Society a main goal of which is to bring youth in computer skills especially in villages . In this area we need to expand our work in one of poor district in my country Tanzania by forming a youth organization  and encouraging them by the time, since I get employed  and posted at this district to date no youth organization network  but I managed to start a computer class of with six Pcs computers, Our aim and goals we are currently need to expand and form the organization to reach more youth in this villages currently any support will help  us By mainstreaming the youth agenda and offering projects and learning activities and, environment  which provide young people with crucial ICT and life skills,  helps to boosts their educational level, and therefore their economic potential.

Learn more about the Hurumia Watoto Helping Widows with Aids in Tanzania charity project I am involved in.

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