Dear Supporter

I’m sure you are aware of the important role that Hurumia Watoto plays in helping women and children whose lives are impacted by disease, illiteracy and poverty. This important work is supported largely by the support of generous donors who contribute to our campaign. Currently we aim in getting support which will allow HurumiaWatoto fulfill its goals to continue providing much needed services to those in our community who are in need of assistance. Without the continued support of generous donor like you, these needs will likely go unmet.

In order to continue making a difference in the lives of individuals affected by the work of Hurumia Watoto , it is vital for our campaign to be a success. Can we count on you to make a donation to this important cause? By making a tax deductible donation to our campaign, you’ll be directly contributing to people struggling to cope with Diseases(AIDS) and illiteracy Additionally, you’ll be recognized for your generosity as a campaign supporter on the Hurumia Watoto website .

The Hurumia Watoto is depending on your assistance and generosity. Please visit our website to pledge your support. Please be assured that your contribution will be put to good use to provide help to individuals in need of assistance right here in our community. Thank you for your consideration and continued support.


Albert S.kahai
Founder and director


The Hurumia Watoto (HW) is an impartial, neutral and independent organization whose exclusively humanitarian mission is to protect the lives of vulnerable women and children and other situations of violation and to provide them with assistance. The HWC also endeavours to prevent illiteracy by promoting and strengthening education provision .The HWC aim is to fight with Disease, povert and illiteracy among poor communities in villages and urban.


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