Africa Translators Charge per Word

Hi Edgar,

if a translator charges 0.05$/word I would charge that plus your 0.0025 plus my markup. Your commission remains the same no matter what the translator charges or my markup. You always get the same commission, for each word translated by any of your African language translators, forever.


On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 7:47 AM, Turuka


let me get it clear.

is the commission price per word for translators or for me to bring the translators? Or both?

Just wanted to get the matter clear so that when i come across the website for ad I don’t mix up the two.


Hi Theresa,

glad you got healthy again and thanks for your email.

To be frank, I’ve never done this before and I’m just a guy following his own idea. I’ve been getting into contact with some people in Africa who are helping me get registered with governments there etc. Some are already translating pages so Africans can teach themselves the skills to find work on the internet, and I’m working to get work for translators, so some progress even before I get there. If I have to I’ll just drive there myself and get some villages set up using my own money. Otherwise I’m talking with some people about getting a charity registered in Europe and the US, in order to attract sponsors, hopefully. Perhaps you could send me a template or sample so that I know how to prepare the proposal properly? Otherwise my site explains in detail all my plans so far, and I calculate it should cost about a thousand Euro per village, as explained on the website.

Looking forward to your feedback so that I can prepare something proper!  :0)

Thank you,


On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 at 2:29 PM, Therese

Hei Karel,

Sorry that it has taken me so long to get back to you, but I got a hefty throat infection last week which I am still struggling with. That said, the reason I was interested in your project is that I have a background from the UN and contacts in the Norwegian donor agency – NORAD. Now, I am not sure if they are interested in your project, but if you could be a bit more specific in terms of setting up a framework with a background, goals, timeframes, resources needed and budget, I’d be happy to forward it to NORAD for a review.

Looking forward to hearing from you if this is of interest :o)


Hello Ken,

thanks for the links and I will have a look at them.

What concerns the converters, this is simply not true. I have been living in my truck off of solar panels for three years. I could have a friend visiting and, on a reasonably sunny day, my two panels at 110W each would run both our laptops, charge anything else I need, plus the electric fridge plus charge up the 2 massive caravan batteries within about an hour. Once the sun came down then I’d only allow only one laptop to run, which could run until morning. I was told that the converter and inverter each would lose about 15% energy, so 30% combined. But I have a converter which can convert directly from 12V to whatever the laptop needs, in which case I could turn the inverter off. I would notice a power savings, but it wouldn’t be overly significant.



> Thank you very kindly for your email.  I found your project quite unique, and very worthwhile.  I did visit your website and navigated cursorily through a few of the links.

> You are a Canadian.  Are you currently in Canada or in Africa?  If in Africa which country and city or village are you resident in?  I should not ask how you found us, in this day and age.  I would like to have some discussions with you as I find some of your causes akin to ours.  I think it would be a good idea to work cooperatively with you, albeit, on some projects in Africa that mirror our vision and cause.

> Please let me hear from you again so that we can explore the process for cooperation and association.

Hi, presently I’m in Bulgaria saving up the gas money etc. to make it down to Africa. Hope to achieve this by this fall, and make all the necessary preparations.

Due to proximity I’m thinking of starting in Kenya and already have contacts in neighbouring Uganda and Tanzania.

Looking forward to any sort of cooperation.

Take care,



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    The government FIT is pretty generous and there are many sharks in the installing free solar business – so before you sign up please do make sure that you have done your sums and cost projections and got them right.

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