Wide Rescue Initiative Organization [WIRIO]

Wide Rescue Initiative Organization[Wirio] is a grass root non-governmental NGO which was registered on 22nd March 2007 and it is found in Kisii,Kenya.

Our mission is to conserve the environment, forests and protection of biodiversity, nature and invertebrates, as well as the protection of water resources, water, sanitation, tree planting and to improve the livelihoods of indigenous communities through agricultural development and sustainable agroforestry.

We have initiated several conservation projects in rural and urban  areas which are run by school kids/children,farmers and youth.Also we work with local community organizations,schools,institutions,women groups,youth groups and the general population.Projects which are undertaken are:tree planting,providing the youth with environmental education,empower communities through environmental and sustainable agroforestry,school sanitation programmes,conservation farming,creating awareness  on the effects of global climate change e.t.c.

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