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Albert with the beneficeries at the centreThe Hurumia Watoto organization is seeking a  support  towards furthering the cause for providing computer skills education to the underprivileged residents of Igoma, Mwanza.

Established in 2007, Hurumia Watoto is a community based organization (registration number# 178). Hurumia Watoto  works for the benefit of all human beings regardless of their gender, nationality, race or religion, The Hurumia Watoto Group (HWO), is a community based NGO in Tanzania that supports vulnerable women, HIV/AIDS affected widows and children through education and income generating activities to help them meet their basic needs.   Its main objectives are to develop a resource centre for information dissemination and capacity building, promote and preserve the environment and to help women become self-reliant through education, and to develop water resources.

. The mandate of the organization is to impart knowledge and skills, particularly to children and youth. Poverty, illiteracy and poor health are three factors that deprive countless people of an acceptable standard of living. For many, these factors remain a current reality while potential donors seek legitimate opportunities that ensure results for the affected. Hurumia Watoto endeavors to address this gap through its charitable activities, priding itself on transparency and commitment to its mandate.

The Hurumia Watoto  Centre is a private computer school and non-profit established by the Hurumia Watoto organization, which will offer training and assistance to underprivileged residents of the Mwanza region. The school centre is part of the hurumia watoto  vision of eradicating illiteracy. The primary focus of the school is to help children of poor economic background to obtain skills and to promote female literacy. We have received donation of 10 pcs of computers from Tools with a mission(TWAM) in Ipswich in June 2012 but they are not working to bring outcome to our society   we have no a building to keep this computers where should result to good computer skills in rural areas, We are looking for support and Fund to build a class of computer so as the donated computers begin work give outcome to meet millennium goals of UN.

The Centre also hopes to raise funds to pay salaries to the prepared computer trainer. we highly need your support to transfer our community to modern computer skills generation in rural areas.

I welcome sponsors,Donors to support us please you can contact through  our email adress: [email protected] ,[email protected]


Thanks in Advance

Albert kahai

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