The Kindergarten of Joy(A Joy )  is a  kindergarten,pre and primary school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. It works with volunteers. We give free education
to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their our from Elementary to Primary school . To give all the children a chance at education without dropouts.We use a very “modern” approach where we do not differentiate between children with different religions or tribes. Everyone is equal at this place .The project has both fee paying and non fee paying ,the fee paying feed the others.


The founding idea of the A JOY Daycare / Kindergarten and  Primary school (Kindergarten of Joy)  comes from Albert a resident of Mafinga, the city / town where the Kindergarten is located.

Albert invited 5 friends and together they brainstormed about the vision and its implementation.They formed a group called A JOY GROUP as a community based activities focuses on Education provision ,  The project “Kindergarten of Joy (A Joy Kindergarten) was launched we started without capital, but the focus was clear” Let’s start working and success will come!
In April 2017 the first children were taught in an used building in Mafinga, which previously served as stable and storage room.

The need for kindergarten places in Tanzania is high and the government provided free Kindergartens did not provide enough capacity for all children. Our vision is to provide quality education to all kids from different backgrounds. From the help of volunteers from every corner of the World we have successful built a school which has a kindergarten and a primary school in one, with this reason kids are able to start their Elementary education and go on with a primary lessons at our project.


“our financing come from volunteers we call them “Big supporter (The Kindergarten lives 100% on donation, volunteers make up the majority of the supporters, on the other hand by bringing home old or broken electronics devices which can be repaired here and resold to the residents and thus bring in revenue or can be of great help to the project itself. Volunteers can also be successful in collecting donation from people from their home land. The fact that the volunteers undertake this usually very long journey to Mafinga is highly appreciated and your mere presence here always brings as added value.

The property is owned by the team and the new classrooms we did looks finish and great (The land is already advance we grow vegetables, we planted our shelters, maize / corn so that there is no additional cost.
The team members as project people we take care of the project to make sure is sustainable a part from our other family responsibilities from as main jobs (for example if not enough money has been collected during the last donation campaign to / but certain work has to be completed due to the situation.


Currently there are many problems for the Kindergarten of Joy.
Problems like transportation for the kids to school(big/min  schools bus)  there  enough money for food, teachers are underpaid (and sometimes not even paid), there are not enough facilities to teach, there is no money for food , students tables and chairs, hand washing station, ceiling roof for a better learning, one more classroom construction,Girls toilet , and teaching materials like books and others devices.


There many different ways you may help our project , you may help by volunteering at our project by helping by hand the different activities we have including gardening, construction, ,teaching, painting, play with kids, help the cook, dish up food for the kids, help in making photos and posting in our social media pages  and other many activities will be available during your stay, we offer free accommodation and free local food in exchange for work,  You may also help fundraising for our needs listed, helping collect old tools like electronic devices like computers and we may start a computer training, help in collecting cups,spoons,toys, plates for the kids  and many other ways you may get involved.

If we get support of some problems listed step by step   we would improve our learning activities to our project

The activities that you can participate in are endless.

Welcome home.

Albert Kahai
Founder and Director

We really appreciateppreciate any help, whether it is a small donation or simply sharing our story through your own social media channels. Every little bit of help counts as even a small contribution can  go a long way!

We also have a big need of volunteers coming to help us teaching kids, playing with them, helping with the garden. At Mafinga, we will provide volunteers with their accommodation and meals.

We will continue to update this page with photos so that you can see just what a fantastic difference can be made to quality of life and education here through the donation of friends and strangers, and the hard work and compassion of volunteers.

We hope we can count on you to support us, feel free to make contact with us.

Email: [email protected],[email protected]

Mobile/Whatsapp : +255 765 433 802, +255 753 955570, +255 762997108

Albert Steven Kahai – Project Leader

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