Albert the Founder and the beneficiiers of the centre

The Hurumia Watoto organization is seeking a  support  towards furthering the cause for providing computer skills education to the underprivileged residents of Igoma, Mwanza. Established in 2007, Hurumia Watoto is a community based organization (registration number# 178). Hurumia Watoto  works for the benefit of all human beings regardless of their gender, nationality, race or religion, […]

Wide Rescue Initiative Organization[Wirio] is a grass root non-governmental NGO which was registered on 22nd March 2007 and it is found in Kisii,Kenya. Our mission is to conserve the environment, forests and protection of biodiversity, nature and invertebrates, as well as the protection of water resources, water, sanitation, tree planting and to improve the livelihoods […]

About Us

The Children we support have either poor guardians or no guardians and need resources to allow them to be educated. We need funds to pay the teachers , to buy books for these children, pens, pencils, uniforms, Medical care and letting them to grow knowing About Jesus. And even letting them to grow knowing their […]

Sponsor a child - Daphne

Daphne is now in baby class, she comes from a poor family where to get lunch or supper is hard. Daphine really likes school, and she also like games and sports, Daphine’s ambition is to become a Nurse, so any one who is willing to let her dream come true can just write to us, […]

Looking for a sponsor

Dear all, I hope all is good. about this Girl, she is called Tukamushaba Rebecca, she is a single orphan, she lives with her mother, their family is poor.    Now Rebecca is studying at hamurwaNursery school a subsidiary Project of Hamurwa needy Children project. She loves school and she is doing well in class.  Rebecca […]

Hamurwa Nursery school

Hamurwa Nursery school is a subsidiary project of Hamurwa needy Children Project. get evolved. This budget intend to address the needs of Hamurwa Needy Childrfen Project in Uganda that will support Hamurwa Nursery School for the needs of the children Hamurwa needy Children project (HNCP) is currently helping 210 children with a total of 104 […]

> I arrived in the US three (3) years ago.  I was born and brought up in Kenya, Eastern Africa, where the national language is Kiswahili.  My first language is Kikuyu. The medium of instruction in Kenya school curriculum is English and emphasis is put on Kiswahili in all grades. > I exceled very well […]


Hi Edgar, if a translator charges 0.05$/word I would charge that plus your 0.0025 plus my markup. Your commission remains the same no matter what the translator charges or my markup. You always get the same commission, for each word translated by any of your African language translators, forever. Karel On Tue, Jan 12, 2010 […]