We changed our name from Hamurwa Needy Children Project to Greenfield Kids Foundation because the district of Kabale became too large so the government decided to divide it into two smaller districts, our project finding itself in a new district called Rubanda. Here is our new certification: Following is our latest information ABOUT US Greenfield […]


The founding idea of the Kindergarten of Joy (A Joy Kindergarten) comes from Albert a resident of Mafinga, the city / town where the Kindergarten is located. Albert invited two friends and together they brainstormed about the vision and its implementation. The project “Kindergarten of Joy (A Joy Kindergarten) was launched we started without capital, […]


ABOUT OUR PROJECT The Kindergarten of Joy(A Joy )  is a  kindergarten,pre and primary school in Mafinga Iringa in Tanzania. It works with volunteers. We give free education to benefit the less fortunate children and families in their our from Elementary to Primary school . To give all the children a chance at education without […]

While helping one African charity an idea occurred to me. In addition to the remote assistance I offer as stated below, I recently added help with finding volunteers, and now help with getting traffic to your charity webpages, in the hopes of attracting donors. I have been studying seo (search engine optimization – how to […]


Dear Friends and supporters Greetings to you all, I thank you all for donating the Vocational school construction project in Tanzania,currently we are planning to start construction of artleast one clasroom after the Fund been archieved,  all the donated Funds had been used to buy the building materials still we are looking for Funds to […]

Albert kahai is the Founder and director of Hurumia Watoto /Sisi Tunajali charity ( graduate BA of arts with Education)BAED at St.Augustine university of Tanzania. Mr. A. kahai has fought for humanitarian activities including supporting widows and children around Ilemela and Nyamagana district in Mwanza Tanzania, for nearly 4years, assisting widows feed care and educate […]

Computer (ICT) class project

Approximately one billion youth live in the world today. This means that approximately one person in five is between the age of 15 and 24 years, or 18% of the world’s populations are “youth”, and children (5-14 years) comprise of 19.8%. By 2025, the number of youth living in developing countries will grow to 89.5%. […]

I’m sure you are aware of the important role that Hurumia Watoto plays in helping women and children whose lives are impacted by disease, illiteracy and poverty. This important work is supported largely by the support of generous donors who contribute to our campaign. Currently we aim in getting support which will allow HurumiaWatoto fulfill […]

Here are children waiting for your support

Hurumia Watoto is a community Based Organization registered number 178 in Mwanza,Tanzania it works towards shared vision of  helping children  aprt from ,we have different programme including Embroidery project,capacity building,trees project,Health project ,Environment project conservation,women empowerment,We work with 4AID in London,Tanzania development Trust,Aspiration Technolohy,TWAM ,african charity project ,mcn foundation and other organization,For years i have […]